Research Methods, Theory & Practice

Research Methods Theory & Practice

This is a book that is written by seasoned educationists and researchers. It will provide the learners with basic information needed to understand the research discipline, the research philosophy, research methods and methods of data collection and analysis

What's Covered in the Book

The Nature of Scientific Research

This topic lays the foundation of research. Under this, you will understand what research is, Fundamentals of research methods, basic elements of scientific research, and much more

Literature Review

This section covers what literature review, hw to conduct literature review, sources of literature review, theoretical and conceptual framework

Research Methodology

Research methodology is an explanation of the methods used to conduct research. Under this, you will understand paradigms, designs, sampling techniques, data collection instruments and data analysis

Ethics in Research

Social science research mainly uses people as the respondents. It is therefore important to uphold highest levels of ethics. You will learn ethical issues you need to uphold in research.

Research Proposal Development and Report Writing

Every academic journey requires that a student develops a research proposal followed by a project report, thesis or dissertation. These academic documents have a structure that must be followed, This section of the book discusses in details each section of the proposal

Approaches to Research

There are two main approaches to research: quantitative and qualitative. A combination of the two produces Mixed Method research while a combination of the same approach is called Multi-Method research. This content will be useful is laying the foundation for proposal writing.