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Our books are written with the learner in mind. They are concise and precise using conversational language to bring about the concept of collaborative learning. At the end of topic, there are revision questions to enhance learning and understanding of concepts.

Research Methods Theory & Practice

This book is designed to help you understand and accomplish the objectives and requirements of the research project in your course. You will find the examples used in this book useful to your course and also your research work. Lecturers and tutors will find the book very useful in that it will remove the obstacles caused by try and error methods used by novice faculty members. Explanations are well refined, calculation well illustrated and practical examples that are applicable in lecture hall situations. We hope you will find this book a very useful tool that will make your work more presentable.

Contemporary Issues in Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation Book Cover

Contemporary Issues in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation is intended to offer both minds-on and hands-on expertise to its readers, more appropriately to its users. The book exposes the user to concept clarification on the key themes that it covers, highlighting areas of divergence and convergence between Programme and Project, Evaluation and Research, between Monitoring and Evaluation. In good number of cases, the user is exposed to a multiple perception and definitions of concepts. Readers, and better still users, are thus led not simply to absorb information and recite principles, but more importantly to exercise their minds as they go through the thirteen chapters of the book, exercising judgement, drawing informed conclusions and subjecting issues to an un-ending process of reflection.

About The Author

Prof. Lydiah Wambugu is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Management, Policy & Curriculum Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya. Lydiah is thus a teacher, mentor, trainer and a consultant who holds a PhD in Education (Research and Evaluation), M.Ed (Curriculum Studies) & B.Ed (Science). She has expertise in Research Methods, Program Evaluation, Curriculum Development & Data Analysis using IBM SPSS Statistics software. She has handled trainings and capacity building workshops for students within and outside Kenya. Lydiah has co-authored two books – Research Methods: Theory and Practice and Contemporary Issues in Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. With over a decade teaching in higher education, she has observed that in most times, students fail in examinations because of the way the content is delivered. She is therefore passionate about delivering content that is clear, precise, simple and packaged in conversational language to make learning fun and interesting. You will find her content quite engaging and user friendly.

Prof. Lydiah Wambugu
Associate Professor University of Nairobi.


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